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WP7: Demonstrators shall illustrate Q-ImPrESS methods and tools

The methods and tools developed in the scope of the Q-ImPrESS project are currently being applied on industrial-sized systems to assess the severity of their underlying assumptions, to quantify the scalability of the method in relation to the system size, and to analyse their usability for regular developers.


ABB Industrial Demonstrator

The ABB demonstrator represents a system from the area of process automation systems. Such systems control and supervise industrial processes (e.g., power generation, oil refineries, chemical plants, etc.). They visualize complex time-dependent processes involving different materials and allow human intervention.

Ericsson Telecommunication Demonstrator

Ericsson Telecommunication Demonstrator

The telecommunications demonstrator by Ericsson investigates a possibility of integrating SOA concepts with existing core network legacy systems. The idea of the demonstrator is to create a SOA-based extension of one of telecommunications systems’ basic services – call control. Call control decodes addressing information and routes calls from one end point to another. Call control node is an exemplary core network legacy system which performs call control service in the network. The SOA-based extension supplements functionality of the call control node and provides added functionality as a service to the call control. Supplemented functionality, implemented by the extension, is too complex to be implemented within the legacy systems that comprise call control itself.

Details about the application of Q-ImPrESS methods and tools will follow shortly…

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