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Industrial Seminar on November 30th 2010 in Dortmund, Germany

official invitation:

Service orientation for critical infrastructures

Introduction, evaluation and optimisation of service oriented architectures (SOA)

November 30th, 2010, 06:00pm (date changed!)
Freizeitzentrum West, Ritterstraße 20, Dortmund, Germany

Complex software systems nowadays are an integral part of products and services in a multitude of application fields. All of these systems need to be further developed over long periods of time. Service orientation brings the flexibility that is necessary for these systems to adapt themselves to changing requirements. Unfortunately, current standards for service oriented development do not support the analysis of software system regarding their quality of service aspects (e.g. response time behaviour, reliability, maintenance costs). As a result, lots of application domains cannot fully tap into the full potential of SOA.

This seminar addresses itself to software-architects, developers, analysts, quality controllers and technology scouts. These people are enabled to base their decisions to introduce or further develop service oriented architectures on a solid foundation and with it want to save additional expenses for costly reference implementations and prototypes.

Experts of the Q-ImPrESS project partner FZI, Research Center for Information Technology in Karlsruhe, and itemis in Pforzheim & Lünen give an introduction to the project, the latest findings, methods and tools. They demonstrate the use on the basis of 3 case studies in the fields of telecommunication, enterprise-applications and process automation. They also give a preview of further application scenarios.

We look forward to your participation and exchange of ideas.

The seminar is free of charge but a registration is required. If you would like to attend, please add yoursef to the list of attendees.

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The Q-ImPrESS Project

The aim of the project is to enable service orientation in critical application domains with guaranteed quality of service. Example systems from the industry areas of telecommunication, enterprise-applications and process automation already demonstrate the benefits of the project development results for the service orientation.

The Q-ImPrESS project developed methods and tools which are interesting for all enterprises:

  • who want to plan the use of service orientation,
  • who currently use service oriented architectures,
  • who want to pursue further development and optimisation of service oriented architectures.

The developed methods and tools allow forecasting the quality of service, upon which the reachable quality of service can be optimized. For example, the hardware costs caused by over-provisioning (over-dimensioned resources) can be lowered.

The Q-ImPrESS consortium brings together leading European research groups in the field of quality assessment and -forecasting with leading providers of case studies and agile and highly innovative SMEs. An overview of the project partners can be found at the Q-ImPrESS Website.

Q-ImPrESS is an international research projects funded under the European Union’s “Seventh Framework Programme” (FP7).


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