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The Q-ImPrESS project aims at developing software tools which enable the design-time Quality Impact Prediction for evolving service-oriented software. The first release of the Q-ImPrESS IDE is available for download below.


The following paragraph explains how to install the Q-ImPrESS IDE. A PDF version of this manual is also available for download, containing screenshots of the installation process. Download the manual here: Q-ImPrESS IDE Installation Manual.


The Q-ImPrESS IDE requires Java 1.6 for full feature support. Please visit http://java.sun.com/ and download the latest Java SE Development Kit (JDK) for your platform. In case you already have a previous Java Installation, make sure that Java 1.6 is set up as the default Java runtime environment for your system (e.g. open a command line and type “java -version”).

Q-ImPrESS IDE Release

The Q-ImPrESS IDE has been released under the EPL license and can be accessed from the following Eclipse update site:


For installation instructions, see below.

Q-ImPrESS IDE Drop (Win 32 only)

A ready-to-use drop of the Q-ImPrESS IDE for Win 32 platforms can be found here:


Just download the drop and unzip it into a folder. Note: There may be issues when using the built-in ZIP functionality of Windows OS. We recommend the use of alternative ZIP decompression tools, such as 7-zip (http://www.7-zip.org/). The Q-ImPrESS IDE can be started by running eclipse.exe in the Q-ImPrESS/ide subfolder.

The drop ships with a workspace containing a Q-ImPrESS example project. The workspace is located in the Q-ImPrESS/workspace subfolder and has to be specified during IDE startup.

Eclipse Installation

Instead of using the drop, you can also install the Q-ImPrESS IDE  on top of an Eclipse Galileo development environment. This way, the Q-ImPrESS IDE can be installed on any platform that supports the required Eclipse platform.

In order to install the Q-ImPrESS IDE, please download the “Eclipse Modeling Tools” distribution from the Eclipse download website: http://www.eclipse.org/downloads/
To install the “Eclipse Modeling Tools” distribution, simply unzip the downloaded ZIP file. Note: There may be issues when using the built-in ZIP functionality of Windows OS. We recommend the use of alternative ZIP decompression tools, such as 7-zip (http://www.7-zip.org/).

Installing the Q-ImPrESS tools in Eclipse

Once you have installed Java 1.6 and the Eclipse Galileo Modeling Tools distribution, please execute the following steps to get started with the Q-ImPrESS IDE:

  • Start Eclipse. Select “Help” → “Install New Software…” from the menu.
  • Make sure the Galileo update site is available. It should be available with a fresh Eclipse Galileo Modeling Tools distribution. Otherwise, add the Galileo update site “http://download.eclipse.org/releases/galileo”.
  • Add the following update site by clicking on “Add…”
    • Name: “Q-ImPrESS Update Site”
    • Location: “http://q-impress.ow2.org/release”
  • You can now select the newly created update site “Q-ImPrESS Update Site” using the “Work with” dropdown list.
  • Select the following items listed in the install window: “Palladio Component Model”, “Q-ImPrESS Tools (EU FP7 Project)”, and “SISSy”. Then click “Next”.
  • The following window shows all features that are to be installed. Confirm the selection with “Finish”.
    During the installation process, a security warning might pop up, notifying you that some of the software contains unsigned content. Continue the installation process by press “OK”.
  • After the installation is finished, a window will pop up asking you to restart the Eclipse workbench. Select “No” and shutdown Eclipse manually.
  • Locate the eclipse installation folder, and locate the file “config.ini” in the “configuration” folder
  • Open the file and append the following line:
    If a line starting with “osgi.framework.extensions=” already exists, just append “,eu.qimpress.ide.editors.text.xtextfix” to the line
  • Save and close the file, start Eclipse.
  • The Q-ImPrESS IDE is now installed.
Example Q-ImPrESS Project

After the installation of the Q-ImPrESS IDE, please try out the Q-ImPrESS Example Project. First, download the project. From the “Project Explorer” of the Q-ImPrESS IDE, select “Import” -> “General” -> “Existing Projects into Workspace”. In the newly opened dialog, select the downloaded archive file.

Q-ImPrESS IDE Documentation

To get started with the Q-ImPrESS IDE, refer to the complete Q-ImPrESS IDE Manual.
Besides detailed documentation about all tools, the document also contains a Getting Started Guide.

Project Source Code

To directly access the source code repository of the Q-ImPrESS project, please go to the Q-ImPrESS OW2 Project Site at: http://forge.ow2.org/projects/q-impress/.